A unique story


Between art and history

The story


Between art and history

The story

The story behind the origins of Mastro Raphaël canbe summed up in one sentence: “Discover the nature of  things  and  you  will  know  how  they  should  be made.” — Mario Arcangeli. The founder of the firm based in Umbria, opened a small artisan workshop in 1966, followed by a bottega in Via Palazzo dei Duchi in the following year, and to this day is still the location of Mastro Raphaël’s store in Spoleto. Lying in the heart of Umbria, the city of Spoleto is steeped in  the  same  beauty  that  today  inspires  Mastro  Raphaël. It is a special place due to its historical treasures and its important position in Italy’s cultural fabric. But it is also a crossroads of international creativity thanks to the Festival of the Two Worlds. Since its first editions, the Festival has attracted famous artists and  designers  to  Spoleto,  including  the  architect Howard Dilday in 1971. This momentous encounter triggered  the  artistic  and  experimental  calling  of Mastro Raphaël, giving rise to the famous patchworks that  the  company  has  reinterpreted  over  the  years with embroideries, applications and new fabrics. One of the company’s cornerstones is its search for distinctive decorative elements. These might be drawn from architecture as with the Api (“Bees”), or born from creative intuition as with the Coralli (“Corals”) and the  mosaics  of  the  Neptunia  seaside  collection. Equally  important  is  the  ability  to  interpret  these elements on fine and special fabrics, with the highest quality   tailoring  and  in  original  nuances  of  color. All this makes Mastro Raphaël a veritable pioneer in  the field of textiles, as  shown in 1978 with the 1880 Giardino di campagna (“1880 Country Garden”)collection, which launched an entirely new and original idea for a coordinated collection of fabrics and household linens. Experimentation and know-how, passion  and  experience,  but  also  curiosity  and  a powerfully artistic vein. These creative inclinations led  to  the  creation  of  the  Lyrics  collection,  which, with its famous words imprinted on fabric, becameone of Mastro Raphaël’s best-sellers, and is now extensively imitated. Currently, the brand is distributed in over 400 stores in Italy, along with just as many  shops  located  around  Europe,  Russia,  the United States and the Middle East. Culture, ideas, innovation,  artistic  intuition  and  craftsmanship  – the core values of Mastro Raphaël – are thus carried throughout the world.

Passion for beauty

Mario Arcangeli

Between art and history

The story

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Savoir faire, craftsmanship and absolute quality.

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A forge of creativity

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